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Ace3.com is a web portal offering the game of 13 cards Indian Rummy. Our players have termed us as the best site for rummy playing; this is because we have sculptured our website keeping in mind the rummy needs. Players at Ace3 will find our gaming website loaded with fun and excitement. We can give cent percentage assurance that our gaming website will be simple to use and extremely user friendly. The players are given the privileges to play the game of their choice. We provide the rummy variants like 101, 201, Best of Three and also strikes with and without joker. These are the types of rummy that has been birthed with slight modifications to the parent rummy game.

These favorable changes have resulted in making the rummy playing experience even more fascinating. In an attempt to increase your thrill we provide you best online rummy site with real chips which you can use to play practice games later on you can make use of your skills and knack in playing cash games. We have come up with cash games to provide our players with an opportunity to withdraw their winnings, we encourage and appreciate your rummy skills.

Progress with the Pace of Technology at Ace3

The technology is growing day by day and at a very faster rate. To cope with this alarming pace of the technology all activities are being performed online. The activities that needed a person to be physically present like paying bills, depositing cash in the bank account, shopping, buying groceries etc., these activities have transformed themselves and are being done just by sitting before a computer screen. Hence the activities involved in the recreation like playing Rummy games are also to be performed online. Initially only a few online games were available to be played online.

Nowadays high definition graphics that gives out a real experience are being developed. Basic mind games like chess, online rummy, ludo, and scramble etc. were played among friends possessing a similar interest. Now you can enjoy these online rummy games even in your friends absence and need not wait for the availability of spare time for both you and your friends.

A Unique Website for Our Unique Rummy Players!!!

With the ever blooming technology, it is easier for players to access the game of Indian Rummy. Possessing an account with a rummy offering website comes handy for them in engaging with their play and satisfying their gaming needs. The procedures to be followed by the players at Ace3.com are much simpler when compared to other gaming websites. Every step at Ace3.com is self explanatory and very much user friendly.  Ace3.com targets the player’s interest and gives them a wonderful gaming experience. There hasn’t been a case when a player has come to us and left disappointed.

Here at Ace3.com the player can play 13 card Indian Rummy in the form of 101, 201, BO3, strikes with joker and strikes without joker. These games are inherited from the original game ‘paplu’ and slight changes are made to it to increase the player’s excitement.

The players can discover many mindboggling promotions by visiting us at www.Ace3.com. We are coming up with tournaments to flourish our players.

Main variants of the Rummy Card Game at Ace3

There are many known variants in the game of rummy. Although the basic principle behind the game of rummy remains the same, these slight changes and modifications magnify the thrill in the game and present the player with an exhilarating experience. The major and known types of the rummy game are the 13 card Indian rummy, gin rummy, contract rummy, robber’s rummy, dummy rummy etc. The above mentioned games have many other names in different geographical regions. The origin of rummy is a controversial issue which does not have a strong base and clear evidence about its actual origin. In some instance the jokers are used whereas in others the jokers are not in use, in other variation all discarded cards are visible. The main variation type is that the ace can be placed after the king and the sequence or sets are arranged in a circular form. The ultimate aim of the game of rummy is to arrange the cards in a system of sets or sequences.  Ace3 is one popular form of the rummy game; it is mostly played by kids and considerably contributes to the brain development in younger children.